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Coaches - HOVER over name for a micro-resume - CLICK on name for a mini-resume
Ann Barr
Erin Bridge - Synchro Director
Amie Carlone
Kristie Clifford
Michelle Cruz
Helen Dennis
Maud Dubos
Kelly Evans
Emily Fisher
Krista Girardin
Kim Herbert
Liz LaBurn
Kerry Miklus
Colleen Nichols
Maria Phillips
Michelle Sibley - Skating Director
Jenny Walker

Learn-to-Skate Ice Coordinator
Shirlie Beacher

Figure Skating Director
Michelle Sibley

Here are some terms you need to understand when choosing a skating professional.

FREESTYLE - refers to the jumps and spins portion of "singles" or individual figure skating, and has levels established by US Figure Skating and ISI.

MIF (MOVES IN THE FIELD) - refers to the patterns established by US Figure Skating to improve edge quality, extension, power, and quickness. Levels are established to complement each freestyle level. The MIF portion of each test must be completed prior to taking the "freestyle" portion for each level.

USFS (United States Figure Skating Association) - Is the governing body of eligible skating on ice in the United States, Is comprised of member clubs, collegiate clubs and school affiliated clubs as well as individual members.

ISI (Ice Skating Institute) - primary objective is to promote the activity of ice skating for the recreational skater. ISI provides programs for ice skating, hockey, and speedskating for all ages and all levels of ability. “These programs provide teaching and testing with awards for levels of achievement in basic skills, freestyle, figures, couples, dance pairs, hockey, goal tending, and speedskating”. Similar to USFSA it also allows skaters to experience the thrill of learning, performing, and competing amongst others in the local area.

PSA (Professional Skaters Association) - offer education for coaches and judges and accreditation for coaches.

EDUCATION - this is formed in 3 ways.
Personal skating experience - the levels the coach has achieved as a skater.
Students skating experience - the levels the coach’s skaters have achieved.
Continuing Education - the coaches experience maintaining credentials and establishing a level of education that is proven by examinations performed by masters of the chosen discipline. PSA is the educational enforcer for the sport of figure skating in the US. Each discipline has 4 levels that must be completed to become a “Master”. The levels are Registered, Certified, Senior, and Master.

SYNCHRONIZED SKATING - Involves a team of eight skaters or more skating various elements a formations to music.

TEAM COMPOLSORY - a team of 6 or 7 skaters that perform elements form their level to music.

USFS LEVELS - Levels are consistent for Singles, Pairs, and Synchronized. Pre-preliminary, preliminary, pre-juvenile open juvenile, juvenile, intermediate, novice, junior, and senior.

ISI LEVELS - Levels are freestyle 1-10.

DANCE LEVELS - Levels are Preliminary, pre-bronze, bronze, pre-silver, silver, pre-gold, gold.

FIGURES - the art of drawing and tracing perfect circles on the ice and incorporating changes of edge and flow from one circle to another. As a replacement they established a non- competitive portion of the testing structure. This is what is known as the Moves In The Field or the MIF. See MIF for further information. The levels for figures are Pre-Preliminary and 1st-8th tests.