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US Figure Skating testing information at Farmington Hills FSC

As of 3/16/12 Congratulations to the following FHFSC members who have passed the listed USFS tests.

Congratulations to our newest Gold medalist
Delanie Thurlow - Senior Moves in the Field

Rona Wu

Krystal Davis

Veronica Cormier
Sara Hasagawa

Carolina Zuniga

Victoria Cormier
Michaela Ewald

Maya Warszawska

Delanie Thurlow

Susan Oleszkowicz (masters)

Carolyn Dabrowa
Kaitlin Urbin

Thank you Michelle Sibley and Liz LaBurn for helping during test day and Kathy MacMillan for feeding the judges.

Congratulations to all the testers.
Kathy MacMillan

What's Involved in USFS Testing at Farmington Hills?

First off, your coach must approve of the skater testing, so usually the test form comes from her. She will sign it and indicate the appropriate test(s) to be taken and then give it to the parent to fill out the rest. There are lots of spaces to be filled out and they are all important at some time in the scheduling process so please make sure to fill it in completely. I return test applications that aren't complete! Now would be a good time for you to put your skaters USFS card in your purse so you always have that all important number available. Your signature is also required, before I can accept the form.

Once the deadline has arrived and I have all the forms, it's time to work on the schedule. This is often dependent on the judges availability. Sometimes I have judges that can only be here for a few hours, so the tests they need to judge must be skated during those hours. If a skater is taking more than one test, I take into consideration how much time they have between tests. However, dance tests will always be lumped together so anyone taking a moves or free skate test and a dance test may have a considerable wait.

It is important to understand that sometimes I can make special arrangements for skaters to skate early or late in the test session, but you should never count on it. Once you know the test day and approximate time, you should block out that whole time for testing. Coming to me the day before the test session and saying you have to be somewhere else during the skate time is only going to cost you the test fees. There are NO refunds. I book the ice and spend many hours on the schedule and it can't be changed for one skater. By submitting your test application you and your coach are saying the skater is ready and you can be there on the given day and time.

This is also true, if you are testing at another club. The only difference is you need my signature on the test application letting the other test chair know your skater is eligible to test on that day. Out of club test forms should be put in the club mailbox. I will sign them and put them in the PICK UP file. As stated in the FH Directory, please expect up to a week for the form to be signed. A call to my house letting me know forms are in the box is also welcome.

Test day! The reason the schedule always says "Arrive 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled warm up time" is because there is almost always some deviation from the schedule, either early or late. We don't like to keep the judges waiting so we will start early, if it's within 30 minutes of the scheduled warm up time.

As we all know, testing is VERY stressful, no matter what kind of test we take. Our skaters need to come on test day with a composed mind and relaxed body. Please help your skater by eliminating any conflict or arguments. Positive moods by everybody in the arena can really improve the results on test day.

Now the skating is done and it's time to process the test report. The USFS allows up to 21 days for the report to be processed. After the report is complete, I send off the info to be put in the newsletter and move the test nameplates. Usually long before that is done, I have made contact with judges to start the process for the next test session.

The Farmington Hills Figure Skating Club is happy to host test sessions on a weekend twice during the school year. Keep in mind that weekend sessions make it possible for skaters to test without missing school and without parents missing work. Because of the higher ice fees, these sessions are very costly. Thus, the board has instituted a weekend premium fee of $5 per test.

Feel free to call anytime.

Kathy MacMillan, FHFSC Test Chair.

For further information contact Kathy MacMillan at or 248-477-3843.
Or check the bulletin board in the arena.

For other test sessions in Michigan, click on the smiley face.


Next Test Session
The next USFSA test session sponsored by FHFSC at FHIA is planned for Saturday, April 21, 2012. Applications are due two weeks before the test. Watch the bulletin boards at the arena for further information.

When filling out a FHFSC test application, be sure to include the $12 judges fee.

Click on the skate banner above for a test form.

TENTATIVE future test dates at FHIA are Wednesday, August 8, 2012, Friday, October 12, 2012, and Friday, January 18, 2013. Dates are subject to change without notice.